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Past and present - the film-making process goes through it's infancy through to it's full maturity and it possibly doesn't stop there.

This is a selection of the staple moments that have been.

If anything all of these movies are about characters. An array of characters stumbling through their life whichever way they choose at the time.


Vision of the Vampyre

screened at:

Be Afraid Horror Fest, Gorizia, Italy 2022

Sydney Underground Film Festival 2022

Lit Scares, Harrogate 2022

WINNER - Best Director - Gladiator Film Festival

WINNER - Best Horror Short - Roma Shorts International Film Festival

Fahrer - The Driver

WINNER - Best Sci-Fi Short - Spotlight International Film Festival

pic s_edited.jpg
El Visitante001_edited.jpg

El Visitante

screened at:

Tuzla International Film Festival, Bosnia


Shades _ pic01export.jpg

The World It Seems

screened at:

Spotlight International Film Festival

WINNER - Global Shorts, Los Angeles

The Session Guitarist

session guitarist001_edited.jpg
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