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The Nightdrive Pictures

Movies that take you to places you didn't know you needed to go.

Fear of the unknown

It is important for us to face our fears and venture into the unknown. Overcoming fear is something we have no bearing as to how it will make us feel or respond. We would like to push our film-making in that direction.


Shooting on film or any technology where we put ourselves in that chair is important to us. The style and movie we want to make is about pushing the boundaries of the technology and attempt something we once thought was inconceivable. That is the movie we want to make through this platform.

We are building a portfolio of movies that mixes the use of older technology of the movies we grew up watching and the technology of modern cinema. A homage to the past and a grounding for the future. We do not want to forget where we have come from.


Community-based filmmaking

Each film is individual.

We enjoy collaborating with like-minded individuals in order to grow and gain a better perspective about the world around us. We never believe we cannot learn something new from someone which is why we encourage newcomers and people with a passion for filmmaking to join our projects as an effective collaborator.

Whether it be just testing the waters on a film project, or running sound or camera we would always encourage anyone with an inkling of a capacity to explore what draws them in order to follow that until the end. We ourselves are on that path.

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Independent productions based in Sydney.

Narrative dramatic. Feature length.

Sydney, NSW


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